Designed for Cruise Ships

  • In production on over 200 ships, managed by 20 major Cruise Lines and used by over 175,000 guests & crew every day.
  • Resides fully onboard with no cloud dependency should a satellite outage occur.
  • Can be customized to match the client's Digital Branding and Consumer Offerings
  • Satellite provider agnostic. XiCafe works with any internet connection.
  • Offers a wide variety of modules built over two decades of working directly with Cruise Lines and onboard personnel.

Give your Users what they Want

Support for all types of Pricing Model Offerings
- Minute Plans
- Data Plans
- Speed Capped Plans
- Application/Access Filtered Plans (Social Media & Streaming plans)
- Voyage Plans
- Multidevice Plans

Provide Guests with Friction-less Upsell Paths
- Upgrade to increase number of devices
- Upgrade to Expand your Access type (Social Media to Full Access Plans)
- Purchase more time or megabytes

Don't forget about Crew
- Separate Crew versus Guest offerings
- Crew Happy Hour allows for discounted rates during specific times

Simplify Operations

Ship PMS Integration
XiCafe interacts with PMS for User Authentication, Purchasing and Loyalty recognition. We support Fidelio, Resco, Shipstar, Latitude, and Core PMS Systems out of the box.

Role-Based System Administration
Our Web-based Administrative dashboard allows for easy admin access with Role Based segmentation of each Administrators account permissions.

Automated Pricing and Offerings
Automated Pricing Linear and Matrix-based Voyage Pricing, Offerings and Discounts allow for easy management and scheduling of onboard offerings.

Automated Pre-Cruise, Loyalty and Suite Awards
Automated Suite, Loyalty an Pre-Cruise Discounts and Plan distribution ensure that users simply and securely receive their benefits upon login.

Granular Bandwidth Management
Align user purchases to overall bandwidth purchasing strategy and segment user offerings based on connection speed caps

Fraud Control and Administrative Audits
Track all administrative actions taken to avoid fraud.

Account Theft Detection and Prevention
Our "Security Search" tool allows for the discovery of users that may steal credentials

Enterprise Level Firewall
XiCafe leverages a state-of-the-art Firewall to control user access. Layer 7 deep packet inspection allows for service offering segmentation.

Single Sign On and APIs
XiCafe API and Tokenized Single Sign On allows for various levels of Mobile App and Onboard Portal integration